Some Songs To Sing Under a Hot Shower

A lot of people sing while taking a shower, and all of them probably think that they sound better when they do so. And they are actually right, because when your voice bounces off the glass surfaces and smooth tiles, it gains more power. Hence, you would sound like you are the soulful Adele or the late Roy Orbinson.

Shower head slash microphone

But besides that, scientific studies on shower singing are finding more reasons to belt out tunes under a stream of water. For one, a Swiss research observed that singing has a noticeable effect on heart rate, and that it significantly minimizes heart disease risks. And so below, I am sharing some songs for your next hot shower.

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The Best Acoustic Guitar Under $500 — The Most Value For The Money

When they first came to me, most of my students asked “what acoustic guitar should I get?” Would-be students still ask that, so I thought of making this guide where I can refer them to.

Below, I discuss the important things to consider when buying a guitar. As you shop around, you’ll see that there’s a lot to choose from and it’s time consuming to consider them all. So if you want a quick suggestion, I recommend the best acoustic guitar under 500 US dollars. Value for the money is important for beginners, and below $500 is where it’s at.

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About Me, Myself and I: An Introduction

If I remember it right, my first ever guitar was below the price of two budget meals and had Disney characters on its top. My second axe had bonafide steel strings, but still, the weird finish and a fake knob on its Stratocaster wannabe body hindered my head banging potential. My first “real” guitar didn’t came until I was around eleven. That’s when my folks realized that my Amy Grant obsession indeed deserved an acoustic guitar as an upcoming birthday surprise. That’s when my music journey finally progressed one note at a time.

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