Some Songs To Sing Under a Hot Shower

A lot of people sing while taking a shower, and all of them probably think that they sound better when they do so. And they are actually right, because when your voice bounces off the glass surfaces and smooth tiles, it gains more power. Hence, you would sound like you are the soulful Adele or the late Roy Orbinson.

Shower head slash microphone

But besides that, scientific studies on shower singing are finding more reasons to belt out tunes under a stream of water. For one, a Swiss research observed that singing has a noticeable effect on heart rate, and that it significantly minimizes heart disease risks. And so below, I am sharing some songs for your next hot shower.

Sweet Child ‘O Mine by the Guns N’ Roses

If you want to scream your heart out and pull off some slick air guitar moves, then you oughta sing Sweet Child ‘O Mine by the Guns N’ Roses. The lyrics are about singer Axel Rose’s wife back then, when they were still happy. Nonetheless, that doesn’t take away from the upbeat feeling of the song, specially that it has some of the best guitar solos in rock music. Just don’t bang your head too hard on this one, because you might slip on your bathroom’s wet floor.

Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

Shake It Off is a song about embracing who you are and not minding what people say about you. This is a high energy, feel good, and devil-may-care song that will kick start your day and get you through it too. The tune is simply fun, and is chock full of sassy attitude about being empowered to be the person you ought to be. But like the previous song in this post, don’t move too much to this or you’ll end up with injuries that might be hard to shake off.

There you have it – some songs to get you ready for your next hot shower. Ready a water heater also to ensure a reliable stream of warm water (since it’s difficult to sing when you’re cold and shivering). If you are always on the road like me, opt for an RV tankless water heater (like the ones at Anything Water) instead of the conventional tank-based variety.

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